birthday wish list.

Welp 23 has come and almost gone!
So I thought I'd list a couple things I'll be wishing for this year.

1. To get on the Phoenix Track- long story short there's a chance Zak could finish his 3rd and 4th year in AZ.. but we're on the wait list still.. so yeah that is the stop thing on my list this year!

2.  Skype call with the family. 

3. Dinner with my hubs. Any sort. Unfortunately he has a test the day after my birthday.. so our celebration might be held off till the weekend. 

4. Flowers. What girls doesn't love flowers?! Peonies, babies breath, hydrangeas. Love them all. 

5. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. So I can celebrate without feeling guilty {see last post to why we're trying to be healthy now}.

6. Zak's choice of present. He's the best at picking presents. And the best at surprises. And the best at being all lovey dovey romantic man. 

7. Candles. Enough said, I have an obsession.

8. A day of shopping. Literally don't know the last time I shopped. Love you Omaha, but your fashion kinda stinks. So maybe just window shopping.

9. A family walk with Romie. One of my favorite things to do, ever.

10. Well shoot, I was going to list this retro Anthropologie bathing suit i've been eyeing forever. But, they're all sold out now. Dangit! I guess that's what I get for waiting till fall to order a swim suit. 

I asked for my birthday off from work, so to say I'm excited is an understatement!
Next Thursday should be a really good day. 


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