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Where to begin?!
I have a love/hate relationship with social media. 
In that, I love Instagram.
The pretty pictures, awesome sense of "community" and the people are great. 
Really, the people are my favorite part.
Yet, I hate {or really dislike, hate is a strong word} that I am constantly scrolling and turning to my phone all throughout the day as if I'm going to miss the most important picture ever.
Silly huh?
Because what I'm really missing out on is what's going on around me. 
I guess sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed by it, like I have to know what's going on all the time.
And that shouldn't be the case. 
The same goes for Twitter..
and Twitter is even more overwhelming for me.
Working in the news, Twitter is a tool-
and it is used constantly!
If I miss a tweet from the police department about a shooting, well I'm screwed. 
If I miss a tweet from viewer about a house fire, well I'm in trouble. 
Or if I happen to misspell a word..
I'm the worst journalist on the planet. 
I don't even tweet personal stuff anymore because my account is all about work now..
which is such a bummer. 
However I do retweet about animal stories and no one can ever stop me from doing that!!
Crazy animal lady, I know.
And anyone else who uses Twitter knows your timeline is constantly updating-
new tweets every minute, which can be super overwhelming and freaking {excuse my language} time consuming.
Sensory overload.
Sorry, I know I'm ranting. 
I would talk about Facebook, but lets face it..
it's lost its touch, to say the least. 
So anywho, I just feel like social media has taken over my life-
from constantly watching my Twitter timeline at work..
to then looking at tons of photos on Instagram at home..
I'm kinda tired of it. 
And that's not good, because A. it's apart of my career and B. it should be enjoyable, not stressful.
So I've been trying a new thing lately where if I'm spending time with Zak, or hanging out with friends, my phone is away.
Completely away, and it has been awesome. 
You know those days where you're having too much fun to even think about your phone?
Yeah I love those days, and plan to make them happen more often.
And then when I am alone and not working I'm only using my "personal" list on Twitter and scroll through Insta all I want-
so I can enjoy myself..
 {and just shut the news out for a couple days.} 
It's relaxing, and totally needed.
Yeah I finally learned what those list things are on Twitter and man they're helpful.
Thanks to the hubs for showing me. 
And don't get me wrong, I am still going to be on Instagram,
and probably post more photos then I should..
I'm just going to use it at different times. 
Instead of all the time.
I hope someone can relate to this post, or else I'm going to look like such a weirdo.
Oh and emails.. 
dang you emails, you are in the same category!
Work emails I will only answer at work-
and personal I will only answer on my days off. 
Yeah I totally sound like a weirdo.
But people, I'm telling you I felt like my phone was consuming me!
From tons of work emails, breaking news tweets and the latest Instagram post..
I was feeling a overwhelmed,
and needed to simplify some things.
so thankfully my new motto {or whatever this is} has totally helped me enjoy this stuff rather than resent it. 

PC: Pinterest
Okay so on a totally random note I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT'S NEW SONG!
There I said it. 
Romie and I may or may not have danced in the kitchen about three times to it already.
He totally wants me to buy her album. 
And I agree. 
Here's the video from Vimeo in case you haven't seen it. 
Just makes me want to dance all.the.time. 

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off from Petra Richmond on Vimeo.

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