Hello Hello!
How is it almost August?!
Remember when I was just posting about it being the start of summer break!?
And now it's the end. 
Sad face. 
Anywho hope you're having a great Tuesday. 
Zak's golfing with some buddies, so I figured this was the best time to do a little bloggin.
The last three weeks we've had family in town visiting, it was the best!
It's always fun showing people around Omaha. 
And the weather was sunny and 70  each day, so it was the perfect time to be outside exploring with company. 

The first person to make out to the ole 'Good Life' {Nebraska's cheesy state motto}, was Zak's mom. 
We had a blast showing her around, giving little tours. 

 Stopped by Zak's school
 Lunched at Pitch in Dundee
Drove around the Happy Hallow neighborhood {dream houses upon dream houses people}
Went shopping at the Old Market Farmers Market
Hiked the Fontenelle Forest
Hung out around the Missouri River
Took Romie on lots of walks
Cooked homemade dinners
Watched scary movies
And visited for hours!

She's such a great mother in law, and I'm so happy she came to visit us!

PS: since there are so many photos I didn't want to be annoying.. so I posted the rest below, just click "read more"!

Literally as she was catching her flight home back to AZ, my mom and our niece and nephew landed in Omaha!
It was a such a sweet meeting.
Zak hadn't seen them since early December, and if you know anything about Zak you know he has a special bond with those kiddos, especially miss Kennedy.

Our first pit stop was of course back home to see Romie. 
What a sweet reunion. 
He sure missed those guys. 
Afterwards we made lunch and surprised the 3 of them with some goodie baskets.
{PS we spoiled them like crazy.}
And then told them all about the plans we had for their week long Omaha vacation-

Took a ferry ride down the Missouri River
Dined at the oh so classy Bass Pro Shop
Tried Alligator meat {not my thing}
Split ice cream at Ted and Wally's
Bought tons of treats at the famous Candy Shop in Old Market
Had lots of cuddle time
And colored tons of pictures together
We took two trips to the Omaha zoo
And did lots of swimming
Played with Romie for hours on end
Made blueberry pancakes, bacon, eggs, and cinnamon rolls for breakfast
Adventured on the river bank
Traveled to Kansas City
Had the best time at World's of Fun
Went down lots of water slides
and sunbathed under our cabana
Tried kayaking with the little ones
and rode on some roller coasters
We ate at Oklahoma Joe's BBQ {it's on the Food Network's "Places You Must Try Before You Die List"}
And ran around the Kansas City rose garden
We sang lots of songs on the car ride home
and woke my mom up with Krispy Kreme Donuts on her birthday
We had a "girls day" and "guys day"
And stuffed our faces with Wheatfield's pie and ice cream
Shopped around Old Market
And tried to learn French {Kennedy decided she wanted to be a little french girl so we went with it.. just wait for the adorable pics/video}
We went to a fancy movie theatre with reclining seats and waiters 
And visited Presidential birth sites
We slide down slides using wax paper
And played lots of games
We had a picnic in the park
and stopped by McDonald's for some ice cream
We had diving contests at the pool 
And made some fun underwater videos
We laughed a ton, talked a lot and made the best memories ever
Oh and cried like babies the day they left.

Kai never smiles with his eyes open hahaha

Zak and I are so thankful to have had everyone out to visit us!
Family is everything.
And when you live thousands of miles away from one another, times like these are priceless.
We're already counting the days till we see them again.

Oh and PS I'm working on a little video, so watch out for that.

Have a great rest of your day, and sorry this was the longest. post. ever. 


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