independence day.

Happy belated Fourth of July!
Hope yours was filled with fireworks, hot dogs, sunshine and lots of red white and blue!
Mine was not. Haha, but really. 
Okay I don't want to sound like the grinch of Independence Day..
But I worked for 10 hours, missed fireworks with my honey and didn't get home till 10:30 PM. 
Okay, rant over. 
I'm the newbie at work, so I didn't expect it any other way. 
Zak was the best, and despite me working, he treated me to a lunch date and I at least got to indulge in a big fat turkey burger and chocolate chip cookie.. before getting called in early to work. 
The news never takes a break, I'll tell yah!
Fast forward to July fifth, and my mood gets much better.
We celebrated the fourth on the fifth, since I was absent during the actual holiday, 
and it was a blast. 
We were so excited to finally be able to host get togethers this summer {since our last place made it impossible to do}.
We had five other families {and two other pups for Romie} come over for a BBQ.
We had food for days- and it was delicious!
Zak grilled me a turkey hotdog, which I haven't had in years. 
I was in heaven. They're just so dang good.
It got a little {a lot} humid during the cook out so we all hopped in the pool and relaxed for a couple hours. 
Afterwards we hit the sand volleyball court for a few games.
We all sucked, and it was hilarious. 
I can't wait to play with everyone again. 
We then headed back to our place and everyone ate the remaining food {we really like to eat, and eat a ton when we're all together}
and played Catch Phrase.
Isn't that game the best?!
I'll never get sick of it. 
By that time is was already 9:30 {time flies} so everyone headed home.
It was a great day.
We're so blessed to have met such wonderful couples who share our same interests and values in Omaha.
Really, some great people here. 
Anywho, these next couple of weeks are going to be packed with FAMILY!
Yep, you heard me right-
we have visitors coming to OMAHA!
Zak's mom gets in tonight, and we're counting down the minutes till she's here-
and then my mom and our niece and nephew get in Sunday,
I'm so giddy I can't take it.
I just want them all here pronto. 
Zak and I had a lunch date yesterday that turned into a Target date which turned into getting welcome baskets for everyone, and I can't wait to spoil them all with treats!
We have a ton planned, so just wait for a bunch of blog posts.

Hope you're having a good ole hump day, toodles!


PS don't judge my store bought desserts! I was busy.. or lazy, you choose. 

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