summer break.

Hey summer, 
You kinda snuck up on us.. and now you're half way over. 
Do you mind slowing down just a little?
I want my hubby to be on summer break forever.
A selfish wife that never wants to give her husband back to medical school. 

But really, this break has been wonderful. 
And I'm going to be very depressed when Zak goes back to school. 
Ugh I'm already dreading it.
But I can't think about that now, just gotta stay in the moment and make the best of his time off- and ignore the fact this is his last summer break.. ever.

I've been patiently waiting to finally use our new pool, but unlike AZ summers, midwest summers include lots of stormy days. 
So fingers crossed I can lay out today and soak up a little sun.. 
I'm looking a little to ghost like as of late. Yikes.
Hah and same thing goes for our gym.. I need to try that puppy out too. 
It's been almost a month since we moved in and I haven't touched any piece of workout equipment. 
Opps. We've been busy?! That's my excuse. 

Anywho this next week is Fourth of July! 
Can you believe it?!
And I'm working till 9:30 that night.. can you believe it.
Yeah there's no way to put, working on your favorite holiday sucks. 
Thankfully we're going to have a belated fourth of july party/BBQ on Saturday-
 so it'll make up for working on Independence Day.

And speaking of that party we're hosting, I need to get my butt in gear and start planning. 
If anyone has cute ideas, send em my way!
I've searched Pinterest and looked at different blogs and still haven't found many decorations or super fun games that have caught my eye.
I may try and whip up this cake though, so wish me luck!

Welp we're gunna go hit the pool, and take Romie down to the river for a walk-
hope you have a lovely Saturday!

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