We're back from Minnesota, and man did that trip just fly by
We could only stay for 4 days {2 being travel days}, and wish we could have visited longer.
There's so much to do there! And the lakes are endless.
We both agreed that we'll certainly have to go back sometime soon. 
Anywho, the wedding was so much fun! 
I was the brides personal attendant, and Zak was an usher, 
so we were very involved throughout the day.
Oh and I was also shooting her video, so we were busy
And when I say busy, it's the best kind of busy. 
I mean who doesn't love weddings?!
Sadly though, since I was shooting videos, I barely took any pictures. 
Literally, only one. 
It was such a pretty reception, I wish I would have snapped more!
You'll just have to wait and see the gorgeous flower arrangements, cutest dance moves, and sweetest first look during the video, I guess. ;)
On the first night there we decided to go to the Mall of America.
We were really classy and went in our sweats, hence no photos from that excursion. 
But, it was tons of fun. 
Zak and I first stopped at Anutie Anne's for those deliciously dangerous cinnamon bites and then we just walked around in awe getting totally lost. 
I mean this mall has everything, including a Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack.
They don't have either in NE/IA, so I was in heaven. 
The next day we were even more bums and just had a relaxing hotel day complete with room service and an all-you-can-eat breakfast that had fresh donuts.
PS I ate way too much in these 4 days. 
And then we headed to the rehearsal and grooms dinner, which was a blast!
We still can't thank the new Mr. & Mrs. for including us in their special day, it was just lovely!


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