happy one year wedding anniversary!

The fact that it has been a year already blows my mind!
It. Went. By. So. Fast.
And so much has changed since then!
We were still in Chicago on June 1st {the reason we came in the first place}, so we started off our day with a celebratory brunch at the Riverside Cafe in Bucktown. 
They have the cutest garden patio area and a delicious buffet. So good. 

We ate and talked about our wedding day one year ago. We went through the entire day again, reliving each moment. 
It was really sweet.
We both want to remember the little {and big} things that happened. 
All the details, people, vows, food, photos, love, decorations and laughter that was shared.
PS if you want to see our full wedding post you can check them out HERE, HERE and HERE.
Oh and our wedding video HERE too.  
And if you really want to go back in time, HERE is our proposal story.
It was the whole reason why I started blogging. I wanted a place to share our little love story.  
Anywho, after brunch we took Rom for a quick walk around the neighborhood, said goodbye to Chicago and hit the road. 
It took us a little over eight hours to drive home, and when I say "us" I mean Zak to drive home because he's awesome and drove the entire way while I napped some.
We did make one pit stop at the Iowa state Capitol building. It's a crazy cool structure, and since we'll be IA residents at the end of this week we had to stop and take a photo. 

Once we got home we dropped our bags and headed to Ted and Wally's Ice Creamery. 
We have a little tradition when it comes to special occasions and banana splits.
When we got engaged we called our parents while sharing a banana split on the board walk in Catalina Island, it was perfect.
And then after our wedding was over we had the driver take us to the Sugar Bowl in AZ {complete in our wedding gown and tuxedo} and ate a banana split while pinching ourselves that we were Mr. and Mrs.
And now, each anniversary we want to have one, to remember our special day and reminisce about our wedding and little life together. 
Here are the three times so far:

It may seem silly, but we love it. 
Oh and we ate our wedding cake too! It was actually good, despite being frozen for 365 days and surviving a plane ride. Yes, that is how I got it to Omaha. 
And yes we ate it in our living room since the rest our stuff is all packed up.

It was the perfect ending to our anniversary trip!
I'm so thankful for this vacation, it was lovely. 
And to Zakary, I love you so unbelievably much. You're my best friend, my soulmate, my better half and I don't know what I'd do without you. 
I am truly blessed to spend all of eternity with you. 
Happy one year, babe!


  1. God Bless you both on your anniversary. Your wedding cake looks very yummy!! In your first image, are these
    Chicago Wedding Venues?

  2. Hi Marbele!

    Thank so much for your well wishes, you're the kindest! It was pretty good, for being a year old! Haha! Nope the first image is actually from our wedding reception at Stonebridge Manor in Mesa, AZ. It's a beautiful space, you should totally check it out! Have a lovely day! xoxo