girls night.

Hey blog! Long time, no see. 
I feel like it's been months since the last time I wrote, but really it has only been two weeks. 
However, so much has changed since then!
June has been a busy, busy month for the Hambschs. 
The first weekend we went to Chicago for our anniversary, which I filled yah guys in on, and then that next weekend we packed everything up and moved into our new apartment! 
Somehow within a week of moving we got everything unpacked, hung on the walls and decorated in time to then host a bridal shower {last weekend} for one of our dear friends. 
And now we leave for their wedding in just two days! And it's in Minnesota, crazy. 
But back to last weekend and the bridal shower. 
It was really sweet. 
A bunch of the wives that I know wanted to throw the bride-to-be an Omaha shower {since she already had one in MN} so we got everyone together to host a little shower/girls night- sans kiddos and hubbys. 
It was lovely. 
We went out to dinner, {still craving the caprese flatbread pizza I ordered}, then went to our place and celebrated with presents, dessert and lemonade. 
And let me tell you, these ladies know how to bake. 
We had chocolate dipped strawberries, raspberry mini cupcakes drizzled in caramel and my good ole store bought cookies, {opps}. 
And then we stayed up talking till midnight, it was great. 
I'm so thankful to have these girls in my life! Our husbands have become great friends over the past year, and our little group is the best support. 
Anywho, I gotta start packing for our trip to the Twin Cities now- I can't wait for the wedding! And to shop at The Mall of America.. :)

Have an awesome Tuesday!

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