chicago day two.

Oh day two, you were great. 
It started bright and early! 
Zak took Rom on a walk to Wicker Park while I got ready, then we took off to the beach.
We went to the North Avenue Beach, it was beautiful.
And so clean!
A lot of city beaches we've been to.. are a little worn down, to say the least,
but this place was stunning. 
One view is just a endless blue lake and then you look back and it's a gorgeous city scape. 
Adorned with piers, walking trails, parks and a zoo. 
 We walked along the sand for a while, and splashed around in the water. 

After spending our morning on the shore, we walked over to Lincoln Park. 
It's such a sweet area. 
We walked along the fields, checked out the pond, strolled through the {free} zoo, went to the conservatory and looked at the different statues. 
It was really neat, just being in a gorgeous park, and then all of a sudden your inside a lush green zoo watching flamingos sunbathe-
all the while being surrounded by sky scrapers. 
Thanks Lincoln Park for the lovely visit!

After that, we headed down to the one and only Wrigley Field.
Fist stop, lunch. 
We went to The Cubby Bear, which is directly across from the stadium. 
Mmm makes me hungry just thinking about it. And makes me wish I wasn't eating a frozen meal right now either. 
I had a black bean burger with fries, we split nachos and then Zak had a Chicago dog with garlic fries {best ones we've ever had}!

Wrigley peeking through. 

After we stuffed ourselves full with thousands of calories and delicious carbs {that I'm now paying for} we went across the street to the ball park. 
There weren't any games going on when we were in town, so our second best plan was to tour the stadium- which I'm so glad we did! 
One of our favorite things we did while in the city. 
Wrigley is like a piece of the 1920's in our world today. 
Everything was authentic, historic and absolutely charming. 
For 100 years old Wrigley, you're a beaut!
We got to see every part of the ball park.
From the famous brick ivy {that's from 1914}, the ever-so-popular bleachers, the original visitors locker room {that players like Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson used}, the press box where the iconic Harry Caray announced the games,  the first-ever concession stand, the historic score board {that's still done by hand} and of course the beautiful field and dugout. 
I also loved seeing all of the brownstones that surrounded the stadium, adorned with their own rooftop bleachers. 
Such a cool tour, and a total must if you're in Chicago!

After the tour we swung by our place to check on our baby {Rom} and then went downtown to explore the city. 
We first ventured down Magnificent Mile and did a little shopping. 
We had to resist, there were so many great shops to pop into. 
We made our way down to the John Hancock building and road the elevator 94 floors high.
It was a spectacular view. 
The winding beach, endless Lake and hundreds of buildings were incredible. 
Not gunna lie, I was very nervous getting close to the windows.. it was a little too high for my comfort zone. 

For dinner we walked over to the delish Ginos East.
We had to try deep dish Chicago pizza, obviously.
It was huge!
So dense, think and lathered in tomato sauce. 
Another Mmmm moment. 
It was so large that we even took three slices home, which NEVER happens with Zak and I. 
We always eat every last crumb on our plates, so we were impressed. 
By the time we were done, it was pretty late so we headed home to Romie. 

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