chicago day three.

Day three was packed!
We woke up Saturday with a full itinerary. 
We got downtown as soon as we could, and started walking toward Millennium Park. 
We wanted to see the infamous "bean" without the huge crowds. 
It was kinda crazy to finally see in person. 
It's huge! And shiny! And weird!
We loved it. 
We took tons of photos with the other tourists, and then walked around the rest of the park, checking out the stadium and memorials. 

After that we walked to the one and only Chicago Theatre. 
There wasn't a show playing that we wanted to see, so we figured a tour would be just as cool, and it was. 
Another thing we totally recommend!
The inside of the theatre was made after the Palace of Versailles..
so yeah it was breathtaking. 
And the grand staircase was a replica of the famous Titanic stairs.
Yep, the ones Jack and Rose would meet on. 
We got to see the entire theatre, and learn all about it's amazing history. 
It's 93 years old! 
We went through the lobby, up the staircase, sat in the box seats {we snuck a photo in Oprah's, saw the auditorium, looked at the original organ that is still played today, walked the stage {so cool!}, checked out the green room {where celebs go before/after shows, and read all the famous signatures that lined the hallway.
Our tour guie had some crazy celebrity stories to tell, which were so interesting!
He said when celebs come, they can request anything they'd like in their contract.
And he had seen some pretty unique requests!
Like Beyonce wanted all black carpet in the green room, Russlle Brand needed a grandmother to comfort him before his act, Justin Timberlake wanted fresh cold Diet Coke {made within the last 2 weeks at 42 degrees} and that Katy Perry was the rudest/meanest person he had ever worked for..
He said some teens won a contest to meet her and that she locked herself inside her dressing room and told them to leave. 

After the tour was over we walked to the lovely Magnolia Bakery for a little treat. 
Their banana cream pudding with vanilla wavers and lemonade was heavenly. 
It was the perfect spot for a little break.
PS if I didn't live with a gentleman, my kitchen would be a spitting image of this place.
It's my favorite color, ever.

Then we walked The Art Institute of Chicago.
We strolled throughout the different galleries, they were lovely. 
It was amazing to see actual Monet's in real life!
His lily pads are my favorite.  
We also got to see the famous American Gothic painting as well as the A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte painting. 

Afterwards we headed to a Park Grill for dinner. 
It's kinda cool because you get to eat directly under the "bean."
We sat and ate for a long time, we needed a break from walking.
Poor Zak was wearing new shoes.. and they were cutting his heels. 
He's such a trooper.
I felt horrible! But he insisted he was fine, and continued on like nothing was wrong!
Once dinner was over, we walked down the river front and went back down to Navy Pier.
It's so pretty seeing a carnival on the lake.
They had all kinds of rides, and of course the popular ferris wheel. 
It was getting late, so we decided to head back home. 
I loved that we drove our car, because we were able to drive through the neighborhoods on the way home.
I loved looking at all the brownstones, storefronts, cafes and parks. 
It was one of my favorite things!