spring has sprung.

It's green again in Omaha, hallelujah!
I've been waiting for this time.. oh pretty much since we moved here in August. 
These 70 degrees and sunny temperatures are dreamy. 
However, the tornados are not. 
I never realized we moved to tornado territory till last week when I was assigned to chase one. 
It was like the movie Twister, seriously. 
We took shelter in a gas station drink cooler, that's how real it was. 
The eerie sound of the tornado sirens ringing is one I'll never forget! I'm so thankful not one person was injured, such a rare thing when nearly eleven touched down in our state. 
I saw homes that were ripped apart, and families scrambling to start over from scratch. It was heartbreaking that one storm could tear everything you have down to shreds. 
One thing I learned from those families were that stuff is just stuff, you can always buy more, but you can't get back the people (and animals) you love. 
I hope that is the first and last tornado I have to chase this season. 

Anywho, on a higher note it's spring, and it's truly showing. 
We love taking Romie for a walk and seeing all the beautiful colors, it's gorgeous.
Another great thing that spring brings (see that rhyme there) are the farmers markets. 
They. are. the. best. 
The atmosphere alone just makes yah smile. 

Oh and on an even higher than high note-
Time is flying isn't it?! 
I'm so proud of him. He really knocked it out of the park this semester and did such a wonderful job. 
A spectacular, amazing job. 
He is going to make a fantastic doctor. 
And he's only three years away from accomplishing that now!

We celebrated with five other couples by going out for pizza and then ended the night with desserts and games. 
We tend to go a little overboard with food when we're all together. 
For instance, we ordered six large pizzas and only two slices went uneaten. 
Then, for dessert the boys decided to do a "state fair" type theme and deep fried everything from s'mores to cheesecake bites and even Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
We're such a healthy group of people. 

The rest of our weekend was mostly running errands, watching Lost marathons (has anyone else watched this crazy show?! I'm hooked), more walks with Romie and taking it easy. We have lots coming up this month- we go to Chicago next week and then move out of our apartment!
We can't wait. 

PS if you have any recommendations on fun places to eat/see in Chicago send them my way! 

Hope you have lovely Monday!


 Below are some of the photos of the tornado. 

This was taken by other storm chasers of the same one we were following. 
These two photos I took of the inside of a home that was hit by one of the tornados. 
The entire roof was blown off and all the white stuff is the installation. They have to tear down the house and rebuild.
I took this as we were heading out to chase- I guess these are the clouds (can't remember the exact type) that come before tornados, they were so creepy. 

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