Well our Saturday started off like any other. 
Zak was studying at school before I was even awake and I took Rom to the park for a good walk. 
Zak got home around 1 and I knew that he needed a little nap before we did anything,
but while we were planning out our day, we decided ditch the nap, lets go to Lincoln for the afternoon. We've never been, and figure we need to go see our states Capitol sometime!
So we packed up the car and headed south. 
We have a list of cities we want to visit this summer- and we finally got to cross of Lincoln! 
While driving there we looked up things to do and saw that the State Capitol was one of the top things, so that was our first stop. 
It. Was. Beautiful. 
Totally put Arizona's to shame!
It was like walking inside a Cathedral, really. 
We took the tour and got to see the Supreme Court Room, the old House of Reps meeting hall and leaned all about the architecture. 
Oh and we leaned that if you go to the 14th floor, there is a lookout deck, which was really cool.
You could see for miles!
Afterwards our lovely camera died {note to self, always have the camera charged and ready to go for spontaneous days like this}, so we headed to the nearest Starbucks for a little re charge. 
We went back to the Capitol grounds, which were so green! And walked around the Governors mansion. 
I had some serious house envy. 
Then we drove through UNL's campus and I had to stop and check out the Alpha Phi house. 
It was darling!
More house envy!
It was white brick, complete with wooden shudders and ivy draped on the walls.
The girls saw me creeping with my camera and invited me inside for a tour- I couldn't say no!
It was just as beautiful on the inside. 
All of Greek row was just like a movie. The houses were gorgeous, people were walking around everywhere and music was playing in the streets. 
It was really cool.
It was getting pretty late so we headed to Pioneer Park for a picnic dinner lakeside.
With kept it classy with Subway sammys. 
Then headed back to good ole Omaha!

I really had THE best three days with Zak. I live for my days off with him. I love his sponaneity and yearn for travel. And that he's so patient with me, even when I take us 17 miles in the wrong direction. And instead of getting frustrated he just laughs. And then makes me laugh. 
I can't wait for this summer! He's only two tests away from being done with his first year- I can't believe it. Our goal is to go as many places as we can and see as many things as time permits because this might be one of the last summers he gets, ever.  
I've said it once, and I'll say it again- being married to your best friend is the greatest blessing.

Oh and I made another little video of our trip. Nothing fancy, especially since our camera died so quick.

Lincoln 2014 from sidney coats on Vimeo.

The Governors Mansion, pretty huh?!

outside the Capitol. 

Always a blurry one. 
Much better. 

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