home tour.

Since we're moving out of our very first home soon, 
I wanted to snap some photos for keep sakes. 
We joke around that our 850 square foot home is.. eh.
 And day dream about a charming house, on a tree-lined street with a library, shutters, big backyard and welcoming neighbors {the list could go on and on and on}.
But really, this place has been where we started our little life together.
It's where we danced in the kitchen, put up our first Christmas tree, burned dinners, had movie marathons and became puppy parents.
We move in a few short weeks so the packing begins, now. 
But before I start searching for boxes and packers tape, I wanted do a little home tour- something we can always look back on.
So, here's our first apartment in Midtown, Omaha. 
PS most of our furniture is either antique finds, wedding gifts or on-sale bargins. 
Or my parents, from the 80's. 
Or even Goodwill.
Thank goodness mom is the queen of refurbishing furniture, because I couldn't have done any of it.

I'll miss being the #1 unit. 

View from our front door.
Living room space.

Our dresser, I mean entertainment center. 
An old frame makes the perfect pretend bay window. 

If that basket looks familiar, it's because it's from our engagement photo shoot. And that 1970's suitcase was a $4 find. 

Everybody needs a little Harry Potter in their life. 
Thank you, Ikea. 
My pride and joy Goodwill coffee table.  
My rule is you can never have enough candles. 
Romie making his debut on the left. 
We love our love seat. 
And really like these West Elm pillow covers, like a lot. 
Table for 2 anyone?

Family is everything in this household. 

Our mini study.

PS fresh flowers are a must. 
This chair was passed down to me from my grandmother. Holds such a special meaning. 
rugs, rugs..
and more rugs. 
Our wittle entryway. 
That table is a Ross steal. 
View from the kitchen. 

And now we move our way into the kitchen. 
My favorite little nook. 
This is the 1980's TV stand made into a buffet. I will never get rid of this puppy. 
I spy our wedding invitation.. and table center vase. 
Black, white and mint. My all time favorite color combo.  
It's mail time!

Our teeny tiny kitchen. 
One good thing about a small kitchen is your hubby will then understand why a big kitchen, is necessary. 
Now to the bathroom. 
And more candles. 
Can you tell I love blue?
And now our very very very simple bedroom.



PS that kinda felt like MTV cribs. Minus the mansion. And fancy cars. And pool. And cool fridge shot. 

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