weekend update: april edition.

Guess what?!
We decided on where we're going to move!
Woot woot. 
We had some tough choices, but in the end we found the perfect place for us, and June 6th can't come soon enough!
I'm giddy just thinking of the dinner parties, game nights and BBQ's that we can host this summer!
We could never have anyone over to the place we're at now, so to say we're excited is an understatement. 
Anywho, after a long day of searching & making lots of decisions we celebrated with some good food and a little walk around Midtown since the weather was perfect!
But then I think we jinxed ourselves, because the next day it snowed. 
Can you believe it?!
That better have been the last time- fingers crossed. 

Best turkey burger.

We went to Cold Stone for the first time in FOREVER. This is also where we had our first kiss many years ago. 

I really like food, can't yah tell?

Romie liked the weather too.

Next day, in the snow.


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