spring time.

I think it's safe to say..
It's spring time!
Knocking on wood. And hoping I'm not jinxing myself.
It's been spring for a while.. but the weather has been anything but spring like. 
Last week, it snowed. 
But this week it's been in the fifties, sunny and pretty nice. 
So it's looking like the season is finally changing! 

And with the temps warming up, I want to spend as much time outside as I can. 
Hiding indoors this winter made me a little stir crazy. 
I really want to start running outside.. 
I've never been much of a runner.  
But I want to push myself, and as the weather gets nicer what better way to soak in some rays while exercising? 
I feel like when I blog about it, it makes me more accountable.
So that's what I'm doing here.. sorry!

And the warmer temps also make me want to travel somewhere exotic and tropical. 
Does that happen to anyone else?!
We just booked our one year wedding anniversary trip to Chicago..
I can't wait!
It's not tropical, in the slightest. However, there is a beach {lake Michigan}!
So I'm counting down the days till we're there. 
That reminds me, I need a new swimsuit.
Aren't these adorable?!  


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