Have you ever gotten crappy news..
and then think, "whatever's meant to be will happen?"
Well sometimes that saying just isn't enough.
For me at least. 
I would say that I'm usually a very positive person-
and when something goes wrong I try and be optimistic and plan a way to overcome the obstacle. 
But right now I'm just bummed.
I won't spare the details, but my confidence is a little shot, and I'm disappointed. 
I know what I need to do, I already have an action plan and am going to be resilient.
But it sucks.  
I guess I just need to be patient. And see how things unravel. 
Sorry I'm being emo, but I try not to sugar coat things on here. 
Sometimes I wish I could just work at J Crew, teach spin/fitness classes, shoot wedding films on the side and be a mom.
Yikes that came out really fast.
But, it's a path I dream about most days. Can't yah tell?
Is that weird? 
I do like my job, working in TV is pretty cool and very unique. 
But sometimes I think my previous sentence would be cooler..
I just need to be patient. See what happens over the next couple months.
Maybe a new door will open.. hint hint photo above. 

Welp, hope you have a better day than me!
PS I did go running yesterday, wootwoot.
PSS I'm not going running today, instead I'm going to Target. Yep that's right. And I might just get Skinny Cows too.  
PSSS I wish I could go kidnap Zakary from school and have a cuddle day.
PSSSS Carrie is my idol.  


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