Easter 2014.

What a happy day! 
Because of Him I have the most amazing husband and such a lovely life, 
which I'm forever grateful for. 
Easter is such a wonderful day to reflect and remember what matters most in life. 
This year I actually had to work {sad face} so we didn't have time for many Easter activities. 
However when I got home late Sunday night I was surprised with the cutest Easter basket filled with fresh flowers and a sweet card. 
Inside there were directions to a scavenger hunt. 
What a fun and romantic husband, I have. 
So I went around the apartment and found my favorite treats!
Zak knows me so well. 
Lets just say I have a life's worth of Skinny Cow products now.
No complaints here!
Thanks babe for making my night special, you're the best. 
The next day we had time to celebrate together so we dyed some eggs, took Rom on a long walk to soak in spring time, baked some goodies, gave my man his Easter basket and had a game night with friends. 
It was an awesome Monday, and a great second Easter. 
Oh yeah, and I threw together a little film of our day. 
It's nothing fancy. Just something we can look back on someday of our first Easter.
Hope you had a lovely Easter with your loved ones!


Isn't this tree beautiful!?

His & Her baskets. 

Big bowls of fresh fruit were part of my treats. Mmm. 

My clues that were hung around the apartment.

And the jackpot of Skinny Cows. My obsession. 
And below is our little Easter film. 


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