Doesn't that pizza look delicious?!
It certainly was.
Zak and I finally got to go on a date last night.
It was really sweet.
Our schedules are kinda opposite so this doesn't happen often.
Can you believe this is the first time just him and I have sat down at a restaurant since January 1st?
We made a new years resolution to not eat out {for health reasons & budget reasons} unless we were invited out {like double date, and if so only once a week}. 
But last night we cheated and it was great. 
We went to Pitch Pizza in downtown Dundee. 
We split two pizzas {the waiter said we were beasts..} 
and then I grabbed some gelato afterwards. 
Go big or go home on cheat night.. my motto. 
But before this amazing meal we adventured to Old Market.
I love this section of Omaha, I mean who doesn't?
We stopped inside the craziest Antique shop.
It has EVERYTHING {I feel like Stefon, from SNL}. 
Complete with a movie theatre, soda shop, ice cream parlor and a piano Lady Gaga used in one of her music videos. 
It's a pretty neat place to window shop. 
We originally planned to eat in that area. 
We even thought it'd be fun to flip a coin (heads was north, tails was east) and randomly find a restaurant for dinner.
But we were stopped by a man asking to take our photo for a project of his and we ran out of time.
Only in Omaha.
We were on our way to check out a townhouse we're really interested in. 
Cross your fingers we get it. 
And send any happy thoughts or good luck our way.
We need it! Or I guess want it. 
Anywho, I the best time dating my husband last night. 
He deserved a little break from school and a nice celebratory dinner for all his hard work.
I don't know how he does it. 
But I do know that I absolutely adore our one on one time when we can just shut the rest of the world out and be together. 
Not too shabby of a Monday.


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