spring break.

Last week all of our chores, to-do's and lists were put aside.
Zak was on spring break, and we were set on just spending time together-
doing things we love. 
It was wonderful. 
Dreamy even. 
He's back at school today..
but only three months left till he's on summer break-

went to the Omaha Zoo
FINISHED Harry Potter
watched all 8 HP movies
had a bbq with friends
found the best Mediterranean restaurant to date
read in the park
went on lots of walks with Romie
made a couple late-night ice cream runs to the store
looked at new apartments
planned a couple vacations
had a cupcake girls night
and bought tulips in hopes that Spring would come sooner

Can you believe it was 60 degrees this day!
Each HP book we read we'd celebrate with popcorn, pink lemonade and the movie!
Isn' he just the prettiest peacock you've ever seen?!

Reading in the park- FINISHING book 7.

More flowers.

Girls night at Jones Bros cupcakes

Rom you're such a handsome boy.


We hope you had a lovely spring break!


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