married to medicine.

Last night Zak and I went to a little event for medical marriages. 
I mean, it was a free dinner (an all-you-can-eat Mexican food free dinner) so we were sold on going.  
And we knew a bunch of other couples going, so it was a given. 
There was a panel of three married couples- one the wife was a doctor, the other the husband was a physician and the last couple were both practicing medicine. 
There tends to be a stigma with medical marriages (e.i that they don't work) so it was refreshing to hear these couples who have been through medical school, survived residency, overcame fellowships and still have healthy (and successful) marriages. 
I love that Zak's school supports and encourages marriage- it's so sweet.
I know that we're in for a very long haul on this medicine marathon, but it's great when we get to meet other couples who are going through what we go through on a daily basis. 
It's a blessing, really. 

Anyways today has been a very relaxed, AKA lazy, day for me as Zak has been studying at school all day. Romie and I have been doing laundry, watching HGTV (lately I've been obsessed with house renovations, weird I know) and blogging- since it's snowy and 14 degrees outside. 
I pretty much hibernate in the winter, it's cool.
Oh and we might end the night by going on a sexy date to Wal Mart (Ooo lala).

I did make it outside yesterday though. I chopped more hair off, walked around Dillard's and then had a snack at Paradise Bakery (I seriously felt like I was back in AZ) and planned out my Valentines day gifts/surprises for Friday! 
I can't wait. 
Every year we switch off surprising each other with something fun to do,
 and 2014 is my year- crossing my fingers it all comes together..

Hope your weekend was lovely (and warmer than ours)!


And here are some pretty pictures. 
That I kinda obsess over. 
I think I'm getting house hungry.
 HGTV & all these gorgeous entertaining spaces make me yearn for summertime parties.

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