lovers day.

I love that our wedding decorations double for holiday trimmings!

AKA Valentines Day.
AKA one of my favorite Holidays- right after the Fourth of July.
Sorry I'll stop using AKA now.
But really, what a magical weekend. I love my husband so much.
Best man ever. 
And most romantic man ever-
who is also the crazy good at surprises. 
I mean, he had a FINAL on February 14th and still managed to blow me away. 

But before I go into our special day let me give you a little glimpse of why Zak and I obsess over Valentines. 

Way back when we were little 18 year old seniors in high school-
 I woke on Valentines day to find my car filled to the brim with a  life size teddy bear, other stuffed animals, cards, boxes of chocolates and of course roses.
 I was so shocked, and I thought it was a sweet gesture done by my parents. But then I found out low and behold sneaky little Zakary did it all.
How cute, right?!
Well then he surprised me again with a day at the zoo, dinner on Mill Ave and then we had a dessert at a little Italian eatery. 
It was so sweet and the best Valentines Day I had ever had. 
I was on cloud nine.

Well fast forward a year and we were awkward college freshman living in our teeny tiny dorms. 
And we didn't have cars. 
Bikes only.
So when Valentines Day rolled around, 
we decided to go to Wal Mart (classy) the night before and make each other gifts..
well that idea didn't stick.
What were we thinking?
Instead we opted for Pita Jungle take-out and dinner on A Mountain at sunset.
Much better option. 

Well after that we-didn't-know-what-to-do-slash-didn't-have-any-plans-for-Valentines-Day saga,
we decided to switch off each year who plans our Valentines Day date. 
So come our sophomore year of college (not so awkward thank goodness)
I came home to my sorority's dorm to find a heart shaped box of chocolates, teddy bear and poem along with flowers displayed in our courtyard that he put together.
And then to top it off he had a trail of rose pedals, which lead to my room adorned in presents, flowers and candies. 
I told you he's very romantic.
Then that night after my sorority's chapter meeting he picked me up, took my to a surprise Valentines Day comedy show at the local Impov Theatre where we ate dinner and laughed the night away. 
It was super cute. And I hope I never forget these little details. 
Good thing for cameras!

Fast forward 365 days and it was my turn for the surprises! 
Well, Zak still out did himself and I woke up to a big box outside my apartment door that had bouquets of flowers, candies, a sweet Micheal Kors bracelet and a card.
He put me to shame!
Later that night I surprised him with a dinner at Pita Jungle (downtown location, which has an adorable patio p.s.) and then we saw The Vow at iPic (which we had never gone to before). 
Dessert followed shortly after, of course!

On on senior year Valentines Day Zak was teaching late into the night so I deiced to help him out with the planning. 
And since he was so busy, I surprised him with a box of Bosa Donuts for breakfast, in which he countered me by making a huge heart out of rose pedals in my bedroom, with a lovely Kade Spade bracelet in the middle. 
It. was. dreamy.
Later that night we went and had dinner at iPic and watched Safe Haven. 
It was also really sweet because Zak NEVER does social media and I found this status on his profile:

 Melts me heart. 

Now onto our first married Valentines Day, how special!
At least we thought so.
Well it was my turn- and I wanted to go all out because it was our first married February 14th.
So the night before he had a late study night (the next day he had a final) so when he came home I had a dessert bar arranged for him, complimented with all his favorite treats: cookies, Krispy Kreme donuts and Neiman Marcus bars- oh and pink milk, of course! 

Then on the morning of I woke up at 4:50 AM- yes that is correct- to make my man breakfast before his big exam. He wakes up SO dang early. Such a hard worker.
But then before I made it to the kitchen I was stopped by a super fun scavenger hunt of love notes all over our apartment, which then ended in a bathtub full of balloons, flowers, Kate Spade goodies and gifts. 

He's the best!

Don't judge this pic.. it was 4:50 AM remember!
So then I attempted to make a "hearty breakfast"

Get it? Heart shaped hearty food. 
I'm the crazy wife who food colors everything pink and cuts Strawberries into hearts.

I really like holidays, okay?!

Then hubby went off to school for the day and I had to start preparing my master plan!
I sent him to school with some treats to share with classmates, candy for himself and then eight notes that had hints of our surprise night and sweet words. 

Here were some of his hints:
1. It would be a fancy meal.
2. It would be at a dog friendly place.
3. And I would be wearing something special.

He was stumped!

But when he came home he was very surprised! I had a fancy dinner displayed in our living room, while wearing my apron. The hints make sense now right?
It was probably one of my favorite meals I've made so far. And I think it's mainly because I finally got to use all our beautiful wedding gifts to set the table! 

Yep I made that sucker all by myself! Fancy huh? 

And here were our side items. Makes me hungry just looking at them. 

And one more photo because I'm still obsessed with the tableware and my boys. 

Afterwards I gave Zak his card and gifts and then we ended the night watching YouTube videos and The Office bloopers. 
Originally I planned to watch About Time, but this happened instead and it was perfect. 
Any Office fans out there? We're a little obsessed. 

The rest of our weekend was equally great. 
Saturday we did some chores (exciting), took a long walk with Rom through the neighborhood (it was in the 50's woot woot), 
watched About Time during the day (totally recommend it) and made a random trip to the market that evening. 
Even when we're doing work around the house, running errands or just laying around I have the best time with Zakary. 
I'm a lucky girl. 

I hope your Valentines Day was lovely! 
And remember it's not about what you did, or what you got- it's about who you spent your time with that really matters. 
I swear Zak and I could be in a cardboard box and have the time of our lives simply because we're with each other.


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