life according to my iPhone.

Well February you've been so bipolar. 
One day the temperature is sunny and 57 degrees, and the next it's a snowing mess in the single digits. 
What the heck?! 
I. am. ready. for. spring. 
Anywho the month is like, flying by. Exactly a week from this very minute I will be getting off a plane in beautiful Arizona (crossing my fingers there are no weather delays).
I can't wait!
Five months is way too long to be away from my family & friends- but guess what, I'm going back AGAIN in March, woot woot. 
Go ahead, call me a jet setter. (kidding). 

Well today Rom and I are hiding from the outside world because it currently looks like a snow globe. And because we have to wait for the maintenance man to get here (glamorous life we live). 
Here are some snap shots of our little life.

-Rom and I cuddling.
- My new Kate Spade candle.
-What it looks like outside my window.
- New short hair-do.
- I tried a protein shake (still don't know if I liked it).
- And Romie's wittle head sticking out of the covers.

Have a lovely Thursday!

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