things you didn't know.

Well it's my day off (no Monday blues here) so I'm doing some random blogging throughout the day. 
I thought it'd be fun to post a list of things you probably don't know about Zak and I. 
I don't know why, I'm just in one of those moods. 
And it's like 10 degrees out so Romie and I are stuck inside. 
But here goes our little list!

And I don't know why I chose this picture, it's really random and I like it. 

1. I failed my first driving test. (I quickly got two tickets back to back after I finally got a license so it's probably a good thing they made me take it twice.. whoops).
2. Zak can fall asleep literally anywhere. And within seconds. Like a deep sleep instantly. It always makes me so jealous!
3. My favorite restaurant is Pita Jungle in AZ. I miss it SO much. 
4. Zak is the king of movies. His collection is enormous! And we both can't wait for the Oscar Awards.  
5. I stopped eating red meat in high school. It was a NYE resolution that just stuck forever. One day I want to go full vegetarian. 
6. We both want a theatre and library in our dream home one day (who doesn't?!).
7. We watch reruns of The Office over and over again. My favorite person is Dwight. His (he has two) are Jim and Pam. 
8. We once tried CrossFit…
9. The first time I met Zak he had a mohawk. 
10. I bite my nails, therefore they're never painted- if they are it's for a special occasion. 
11. Even though I'm a journalist, he's better at spelling. 
12. 12 is his favorite number.

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