Hello 2014! 

So I made some resolutions this year..
And I really want to stick to them. 
So far I'm a week in and doing pretty good.. but then again it's only been a week..
so we'll just have to wait and see how everything plays out. 

Did you make any resolutions? Welp, here are a few of mine:

1. Eat Clean- this past week I meal prepped 6 small meals a day which consisted of chicken, rice, veggies and egg whites and tons of water. It's day nine and I could literally be fine not eating chicken ever again in my life. Do see where this is headed? So tonight I'm re-working my "clean eating" menu.. b/c this isn't going to last much longer. But I do have to admit- it has been working! Just not too yummy. 

2. Work out more. Yeah.. this has gotten to a slow start. I've wanted to change up my workout routine but haven't found out how yet.  I really like what the ladies over at are doing, so I think I'm going to try that tomorrow. 

3. Be brave. Yep like the catchy Sara Barellis song. This especially has to do with my work life. Sometimes I get so nervous/intimidated/worried being the newbie. My goal is to take a deep breath, focus, {be brave} and just do my job and do it well.

4. Oh and quit drinking Diet Coke- water only for this girl. Not going to lie, I miss it already. 

Zak and I made some "married resolutions" as well, which I'm excited about. Printing pictures & shooting more videos are a couple of our goals. 


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