This month is almost gone! Holy cow.
I feel like it was just NYE and now it's long gone. 
So my resolutions are going.. lets just say going. 
No Diet Coke, check. (day 23)
Working out, meh. (I WILL workout today though)
Eating clean, check. (I re-worked my diet and I'm calorie counting now)
Being brave, check. (Not too many mess ups lately- thank goodness) 

So yeah. 
I think the biggest improvement I need to make is working out more. I'm pretty strict about what I eat- Zak and I haven't eaten out one this month- but then when it comes to working out I always seem to find a nice little excuse. Anyone else have this problem, or is it just me? 

But today that has to end. I AM GOING TO THE STUPID GYM. There, now that it's typed out in all caps I have to hold myself accountable. 

But anywho, life's been going good. I'm working a bunch and Zak is back studying a ton. We're kinda on opposite schedules this week, which is a bummer. 
But it is what it is. 

We've been cooking more, having lots of game nights with our friends and trying to save as much money as possible- not too exciting, I know. But hey, we want to go on some vacations this year so we're being extra good about spending. 

Like for instance I just booked my flight to AZ for my best friends bridal shower- woot woot! February 27th can't come soon enough. Like really. I get to see my family, my best friend and it'll be WARM. Hallelujah. 
It's currently 7 degrees outside.. 
so AZ sunshine sounds beyond amazing right about now. 

Just wanted to check in and let yah know how my 2014 goals are going, and a little update on life as we know it. 

Have a lovely day!

PS these are just two of the places we want to go this summer! 


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