Did you guys watch the Grammy's last night?!
I was working, but we had it on in the newsroom and then I caught the second half when I got home- 
so I got to see tidbits throughout the show. 
One of my favorite things is seeing the red carpet fashion. It's always fun to see what celebs are wearing (good and bad). I think my two absolute favorites were..

Taylor Swift- I adore how she didn't show a ton of skin but still looks flawless in this gorgeous gown.
And then I saw Miranda Lambert who looks amazing! Not that she didn't before (I've always been a fan of hers), but last night she looked like a model! 

And then there was Beyonce.
 I mean, she never fails to impress on the red carpet- and last night was no exception. 

And did you guys see her and her hubby's performance. I know it was a little risqué- but they're MARRIED! I seriously loved it. I feel like marriage gets labeled "boring" way too often (which by the way is completely false) and they just threw that stereotype right out of the window. Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Carter for reminding the world marriage is fun and flirty! 

Have a lovely Monday!


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