first christmas.

Our first Christmas was so sweet. 
And not because of presents. To be honest, we didn't do presents for each other this year. Instead we wanted to just spend time together doing things. And I am so happy we chose to do it this way. Zak showed me what Christmas should really be about. 
Spending time with loved ones. 

I mean, obviously getting presents is a lot of fun, and I mean who doesn't want a new Kate Spade wallet or new Nike's for the gym? But for us, spending quality time together was the best present of all. He was on break from school, and I had a few days off- and the weather was outrageously warm so we spent as much time outdoors as we could. 
We were in our own little worry free world for about four days.. we both agreed it was the best four days we've had since moving here-
hands down. 

I married so good. 
Really. He can make me laugh forever, we have the best time doing nothing and I love our little adventures together. We needed this time. 
We needed to date and not worry about life for a little while.  

walked over water
were in two states at once
ate a fancy seafood dinner
ice skated on an outdoor rink
saw four movies {American Hustle, Saving Mr. Banks, Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Wolf on Wall Street}
had a picnic in the park
cuddled a lot
took Romie on a few walks
ate out too many times
sat front row at the Narnia the play
and fell in love even more than I could have ever imagined.

Our first Christmas Card! 

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