count down.

Happy New Years Everyone!
Hope you had a lovely {and safe} holiday.
If you haven't noticed Zak and I are total home bodies.. and we always stay in on NYE. 
It's just our thing, and I know it sounds so cheesy but we like to reflect over the past year. 

Last NYE Zak and I started a new tradition for 2013. 
Each time anything good happened, whether it was accomplishing a goal, a funny story, special moment or silly occasion we'd write it down, date it and put it in a jar (without telling each other what it said). Then once NYE 2013 rolled around we'd read them all.

 Well our New Years Eve was like a second Christmas for us. We read through them all as we counted down to midnight. It was so sweet reading each others notes and reflecting on the year. 
Sometimes we forget about the little thing in life and small moments that made the year great. We're both very happy we started this tradition and highly recommend it!

Here are some of our favorites! 

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