weekend update.

This weekend {or my days off which are Thursday, Friday & Saturday} was just lovely. I don't know if it's the holiday season or what, but we were just swarmed with get togethers each night 
{no complaints here}.  

On Thursday night I went to my Alpha Phi Alumnae ornament exchange. I went with one of my ASU sisters, and it was no nice catching up with her!
 Those parties are always my favorite because I get to meet new sisters and strengthen my Alpha Phi bond even more. 

I spent Friday running around gathering some new pretty Christmas decorations.
I think I have an addiction with ornaments and a new obsession with fresh garland. 
And then the M1 (med school first year student} wives had dinner and a girls night {the boys had finals this week so we had to get together since they were studying their lives away}. 
These ladies have been such a blessing to me. We can all relate to one another and they totally understand the med school life. From the crazy class schedules, exams galore and countless hours of studying- they are the people who really understand. 
And after we were done with dinner the boys ended their study session and joined us, which was a perfect ending to the night. 

Saturday started with baking. And you can never go wrong with morning baking. 
Just wait for the photos.
We had our Married to Medicine ugly sweater Christmas party that night so I was getting our dessert ready to share. Zak and I waited till the very last minute to find out sweaters {we went to a thrift shop 30 minutes before the party} so don't judge us. 
It was a lot of fun catching up with everyone, seeing all the cute babies {yes there's a bunch of M2M babies} and eating the amazing food. P.S I ate way to many sweets this weekend. But I blame holiday season, so it's okay right?
We played the white elephant game and Zak and I walked away with a quesadilla maker {woo hoo}. Some people got a can of yams and an at home drug test {funny people I tell yah} so I think we scored.

And on Sunday it snowed! And I worked 12 hours...
So I was very glad we got to celebrate the Christmas season with people we love on my few days off! Oh and Zak has finals this week {only one more to go} and then he's DONE with his first semester of medical school. I seriously can't be more proud of him. He's done such an amazing job. 
And he's going to be a wonderful physician one day. 

I hope you're weekend was lovely and a little warmer than ours!


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