oh christmas tree.

Last Friday Zakary finished his first semester of medical school.
Time is flying by! 
I'm extremely proud of him. He's gone this week visiting AZ, so before he left we had to celebrate {of course}.

Right after he finished we went to lunch at the cutest little place downtown in Old Market called The Kitchen Table. It's healthy and they have vegan options, so you know I'm all for that. 
Zak had the Grass Run Beef Meatball sandwich and I had the alternative Cauliflower Barely Ball on Rosemary Focaccia bread. It. Was. Amazing. 
See pics below. 
And they served popcorn as our side. I told yah it's my kinda place.

Afterwards we went and picked our very first Christmas tree. I was waiting all week for this! Zak has never had a real tree before, so I couldn't wait to take him. 
We thought we had picked a small tree when we were checking but once we got home, we realized it was a tad too big and now it's taking over our apartment. It's fine.
We put all our decorations on the tree, and even made one that has an imprint of our house key and says "our first home" with the date and address. 
Our goal is to make one each time we move so we keep track of our little homes along the way. I know, we're cheesy.

That night we went out to dinner {we ate a lot last weekend, don't judge} with the four other couples we've come to grow super close with this semester. 
I'm so grateful to have met them. 
The wives are a wonderful support system for myself, and they guys all study and help one another with school- it's a perfect match. 
We went to an Italian eatery downtown and grubbed out. I had a large plate shrimp scampi- enough said. Zakary had large plate of homemade spaghetti and meatballs- again, enough said.

We relaxed Saturday and then went to my FOX42 Christmas party that night. It was such a blast. I'm thankful to be working for this wonderful company and I absolutely adore my coworkers. 
I was so glad to finally introduce them to my hubby. We ate a lot {obvi}, took tons of photo booth pictures {hey, it was free and unlimited}, gambled {with fake money} and had a lovely time. Oh and then that's when my bestie got engaged!

Early Sunday morning my hubs left for Arizona.. and I headed into work. 
It's really weird not having him here. Romie and I miss him so much!
He'll be home in a few days, and excited is an understatement. 

Also, my pop comes into town tonight! 
I'm blogging a ton to take my mind off of the clock. 
His flight is delayed and I feel like time is going by soooooo slow. I haven't seen him since the first weekend in October and he hasn't been to Omaha since we first moved here.. so I can't wait to show him around. And to mostly just spend time with him. 

I have a little schedule full of Christmas-y activities, Anchor Man 2 tickets, lots of eating out and long walks with Romie boy-of course. 


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