happy december.

Happy December everyone.
And happy six months of marriage to my hubby!
It's been a beautiful {and crazy six months} for sure. We graduated in May, got married in June and moved to Omaha in July. It was a whirlwind. 
And for me it was a little hard to adjust to such a new place in the beginning.. {just refer to my emo blog posts about making new friends and not having a job}, but in all seriousness I wouldn't have any other way. When Zak and I were dating we always said we never want to live in just one state. We want to travel the world. We want to call several places home. 
And boy did that wish come true! We always talk about how crazy {and exciting} it is that we have no clue where we'll be living in four years. I mean, in two years we could even be back in Arizona. This medical school thing is a wild ride, and we love the spontaneity of it.

Even though we miss our family and friends like crazy, moving to Omaha was such a blessing. It let us really be married and independent. 
We're able make our own decisions, figure things out on our own and tackle challenges with only the two of us, which has been such a great thing for our relationship. 
We're a team, and together face anything that comes our way! {I know, that sounded so cheesy, but hey it's true.}

I love our little apartment, our date nights, trying new restaurants 
{like all-you-can-eat sushi}, cuddling on the couch, watching Netflix {lots of Netflix}, being your pretend patient when you study, watching you grow into a future doctor, laughing non 
stop together, cooking for you {and you being nice and eating everything even when it was burnt or overly salted, whoops}, playing with Romie, that one day we tried Cross Fit and day dreaming about the library we'll have one day. I love it all. 
The good, the bad and the ugly {like when I wear Uggs} it's all amazing, because I'm married to my best friend. 

Thanks babe for wonderful six months of marriage. 
Here's to an eternity with you!   

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