holiday traditions.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is two days away! 
Time. is. flying. bye. 
It's my first Thanksgiving away from my parents and immediate family, but also my first Thanksgiving with my hubby! It sounds cheesy, but I really look forward to Zak and I's "married firsts." We've been together for five years now, but it's totally different being married and we ride that "married" meal ticket. First Halloween, first birthdays, first Independence Day, first road trip, it goes on and on. And I love it. We take any opportunity to celebrate! 

Zak and I talk about wanting to start fun holiday traditions (especially when we have littles) that we can do year after year. And because it's just us two and the pup this year I thought it'd be fun to pick out favorite traditions. And because I'm a crazy lady I've already come up with a list. 

Here's what I've got so far:

1. Purchase plastic wishbones (see photo below) so everyone can make a wish together.

2. Host a Thanksgiving day brunch (we're doing that this year).

3. Family football game. Work off those calories with some fun games in the backyard.

4. Jar full of gratitude. Have everyone write down what they're thankful for, put the pieces of paper inside a mason jar and to read aloud during dinner. 

5. Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. This is a must. And one day I would LOVE to watch it in person.. hint hint Zakary.

6. Animal name card holders: see the cute photo below- it says it all. 

7. Table centerpiece contest. Have everyone bring a centerpiece and then vote for their favorite. If none are up to par for your table then stick them on the kiddo table, easy enough.

8. Break out the board games. While dinner's cooking in the kitchen start a round of Monopoly! 

9. Take a family photo. Get everyone together, smile and say cheese! Then you can compare the photos as years go on. Maybe display them as well? 

10. Wind down with a holiday movie. You know when you're in turkey coma and need to adjust your belt.. (or is that just me)? Put on a movie or head out to your local theatre to see the latest blockbuster film (something we're doing this year as well). 

11. Black Friday leftovers. Pull out the extra food on Friday and invite people over for a little leftover lunch.  

Growing up we would go camping in the desert and then all the girls in my family would come home early to get our shopping on (of course). 

What family traditions do you do?

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