fox42 news.

So remember when I said a few posts ago I finally landed a job? And then I said I had something else in the works and didn't want to say anything until it was 100%? Well.. it's official now and I can finally tell everyone, I work for FOX 42 NEWS! 

It was a little too good to be true so I wanted to wait until I had my first day before saying anything to anyone. But, now it's all set in stone and I started working this week. Everyone at the station is so sweet and welcoming. It's such a team environment, and I love it. 

Getting back into shooting, writing, editing, deadlines, live shots, breaking news and all is so exciting and I'm truly grateful to be starting my career here in Omaha. I knew by following Zak to medical school it be a little tough to get into the news business, but I was patient and persistent and everything has worked out! 

Still pinching myself. 

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