It's the weekend!

I don't even have a job right now and I'm excited it's Saturday! You know why? Because it means I get to spend some more time with Zakary- without any books. It's my favorite kind of time. 

And this is the weekend leading up to my birthday.. so it's been pretty fun. Zak's been spoiling me!

I got to spend my Friday at the salon getting a new hairdo and then we had an early happy hour dinner at Roja, which was delicious! Chips and salsa galore. Half priced nachos. It was great. 

Afterwards we headed to the movies and saw Elysium. It was an early play time so we got the whole theatre to ourselves. We pretended it was ours. The only bad thing about being in a huge theatre alone is when a scary movie trailer comes on, then it gets creepy and a tad bit scary. 

We went to Whole Foods for dessert. If you haven't been to their dessert counter you're missing out! Gelato, cookies, pastries and cakes. I say no more. 

We ended the night with funny YouTube videos {I posted a cute one below} and Harry Potter. It really doesn't get better than that. I swear we can just stay up for hours laughing about nothing and playing like we're little kids. I guess that's why he's my best friend.

This morning we started the day picking apples with our "Married to Medicine" friends. There's all kinds of produce activities around Omaha, it's pretty cool. Lets us enjoy the great outdoors a little bit!

I hope you're having a beautiful weekend!

The new salon I tried out. 

The new hairdo. 


No one else in the theatre, therefore we can use our camera!

These treats look pretty darn good, huh?

We heart Omaha, too. 

And here is an adorable video! 



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