tuesday talk.

So at midnight I turn the big..

tuesday talk.
I swear, time is just flying by. 

College was done in a flash, we graduated before we knew it and got married in what seemed like a blink of an eye. 

And now we're living in Omaha, Zak's knee deep in med school and I turn 23 tomorrow. 

I'm excited about it. I think I'm more excited to spend the day with Zak and Skype with my family, to be honest. It'll be weird not being with my family, especially my parents, on my birthday. But I wouldn't change a thing! 

 Zak has a morning quiz and then the rest of the day off tomorrow{such a coincidence- that never happens} so we have some fun things planned, which I'm very excited for! He's making my big day very special. And I'm extremely grateful for that. He's the best. And has the greatest surprises. 

Thanks babe! I love you!  

Hope you had a lovely Tuesday.


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