monday musings.

motivational monday.

Is it just me, or does everyone day dream of vacations? I swear that's what I do, all the time. I should be focusing on winter, but in my head I just want to go somewhere tropical. Our honeymoon was just so dreamy, and would give anything to go back to island life for just a little bit. Maybe, just maybe, we can go somewhere warm and sunny for Christmas vacation this year? Hmm, we shall see. 

Anywho, I hope you're have a wonderful Monday{like anyone reads this silly thing, but just in case}! I actually woke up early, went grocery shopping, took a spin class and dinner is slow cooking as I type! Who am I?
 I'm turning into such a housewife.


Filles A Papa one piece swimsuit
$250 -

Tkees flat shoes
$92 -

Kate Spade leather purse

Hat Attack floppy hat
$125 -

ASOS sunglasses

Essie nail polish

Photo wall art

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