lake ozarks.

We're back from our little weekend trip! It was a blast. 

I've never really been to the Mid West so I never knew what to expect. But jeez the heartland is beautiful. All the green rolling hills, luscious trees and quaint little farm towns. It looks like a picture out of a book. We went from Omaha, through Iowa and then into Missouri. It was so much fun going on a little adventure through the back roads. I'm very glad we took a couple days off. Zak deserved it. And it gave us a chance to celebrate a few things too! Like our three month anniversary. Yep, we're one of those annoying couples who count and celebrate each month. But hey that's what life is for, celebrating the little things. 

The Lake of the Ozarks was beautiful. Our resort sat right at the edge of the water, and it was such a lovely sight. I'm used to lakes surrounded by desert, so seeing all the trees lining the beaches was so pretty to me! After we checked-in we collapsed on the bed and relaxed for a little. It was so nice. 

After a little nap we fancied up and headed out to dinner. The view was breathtaking. And the food was great! I'm already craving the spinach artichoke dip we had. Mmm.  

On Sunday headed back home. I never used to be a "road trip" person. I would always get car sick. Always. And I thought driving in the car for hours was really boring. But with Zakary it's different. Driving is half the fun wherever we go. And on this little turnaround trip especially, we drove a lot and it was great. From blasting music, reading lots of Harry Potter and making random stops along the way, Zak makes it a blast. Goodness I love him so much. We've known each other for five years but we still can just talk for hours, be so silly and laugh all the time. I love it. He's my best friend. 

Another reason I love being married to him is because he loves adventures. I mean when we were driving back (in the absolutely middle of nowhere MO) we saw this plantation home that was giving tours. And of course I wanted to stop. But before we went in we looked it up online and it was supposedly haunted, which made it so creepy! We drove up anyway, looked around, snapped some photos and then got outta there. It looked really sketchy and totally haunted. Just wait for the pictures. 

And then when we were driving through Kansas City Zak surprised me with one more stop. It was the Kansas City Rose Garden. It. Was. Gorgeous. I've never been to a rose garden before, and it was beautiful. I'm so happy we stopped. It also gave us a chance to drive through downtown. Long story short, it'll certainly be our next little vacation spot. It was adorable!


Lake Ozarks! 


Subway is a road trip must. 
I love the little farms. 

The haunted plantation!

The view from our room. 
The Kansas City Rose Garden! 

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