honeymoon film.

I know, i know. We went on our honeymoon, like several months ago. But the video we made of our trip got deleted off my old lap top, and I was able to re-do it on my new one.. so I had to post it! Looking through all these clips is making me miss island life real bad. Goodness gracious it was beautiful! Absolutely breathtaking. Hands down the best vacation of my life. 
Maybe one day I'll get around to posting our photos. 
One day.
Anywho, we're having a watching-Breaking-Bad-and-eating-dinner-on-the-couch-kinda-Friday night. It's a really good kinda Friday night.
Enjoy the film!

Honeymoon Film from sidney coats on Vimeo.


  1. Cute Sidney! Haven't had a chance to check out your blog yet. Looks like you two are having some fun! Hope med school isn't treating you guys too bad...

  2. Ok just skimmed through some more of your post. You are adorable. Love your blogging/writing style. You are a natural. Happy Belated birthday to you and Zak. Sorry to hear Med school is giving him a run for his money but it is a rough road but well worth it and you will get him back some days. Just be patient. I wasn't always patient with Jon. I remember most trips he spent studying in the corner while we had fun and I held a bit of a grudge but I'm sure you'll be better than me : ) Good luck with the job hunt! If you haven't already found something fun to fill your time.