happy fall.

It's officially fall! 
And it really feels like it too.
I'm so excited to see the leaves change color and experience the different seasons. In Arizona you don't really get four seasons it's more like summer and winter. The temperature in Omaha has been dipping into the 60's and 70's, it's so nice! Such a refreshing change.

This weekend was great! How was yours? 
We tried out a sushi place in Old Market with the Married 2 Medicine gang, and it was delicious! I love that our M2M get-togethers are at fun eateries, because it makes Zak and I eat outside our comfort zone. I swear if we had it our way we would eat at Roja or Red Robin for every meal. Afterwards a few couples went and played Cards Against Humanity. Neither of us had ever played before and let me tell you, it's the inappropriate version of Apples to Apples. But hilariously funny. It's such a bad game though, totally for adults only. Not a game you'd wanna play with kiddos!

Saturday and Sunday were very relaxed. I ran a few errands as Zak studied and we ended it by watching the Emmys. Did you watch it? Zak wasn't too impressed, but I enjoyed it! We both liked the opening act and I just loved seeing the different gowns that celebs wore on the red carpet. 

Anywho, tomorrow is Zak's birthday! I can't wait. He has school for the majority of the day, but I still have some fun things planned for him. I'll make sure and take lots of photos! 

Happy fall everyone!

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