happy birthday husband.

My babe turned 23 yesterday! 
It's blast being married and celebrating together. We started the day off with a big birthday breakfast. You know the whole works- pancakes, bacon and eggs! Mmm it was pretty delish. Oh and he opened his presents of course.
I just love spoiling him. 
He scored tickets to an upcoming concert he'd been wanting to attend!
 Afterwards I had to go to a little interview (ps I have some exciting news, I'll have to tell you about soon) and then Zak headed off to class. 
When he got home we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Rojas and enjoyed a nice helping of chips and salsa. My favorite! And Zak's too. 
Well when we got home I had a little dessert party planned but someone (cough cough Zakary) passed out at 6:30 pm. I think it's safe to say medical school is exhausting. I know I say it all the time, but I don't know how he does it! 
I took some pictures yesterday, but they're on Zak's phone.. and he's at school.. so here are some of my favorites that I do have on hand. 
Hope you enjoy.


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