falling in love.

Oh Omaha.

I know I have mentioned before that we've {or I really} have had a love/hate relationship with you. But this weekend has really helped me fall in love with yah.

I don't know if it's the change in season, being outdoors or surrounding myself with good company, but I'm feeling much better about you lately.

I think I needed the change in season to put an end to this summer. I was an amazing summer. It was a crazy summer. And now I'm ready to be settled in. I'm ready for routine. 

I'm really thankful for this weekend. It's just what I needed. Friday night we took things easy. Zak has a huge exam tomorrow so he had to spend the majority of his time on campus studying in the lab. On Saturday morning I woke up and went down to the Farmers Market with some of the other wives. 
It was cold out!
 Can you believe it? It felt so refreshing. 
We walked around downtown and I got to see a whole new perspective of this city. 

The bakeries, the cafes and coffee shops. The families playing at the park, the dog owners taking their pups for a stroll and the joggers getting some exercise. The ivy that winds up old structures, the brick buildings and flower pots on the roof tops. 

It was all so beautiful!

We walked around the market for a while snatching up each and every food sample, purchasing fresh produce and buying a few treats to take home. P.S I found the BEST Tzatiki. Finding good Greek food is rare, {I have yet to find a Pita Jungle taste alike} but this sauce is delicious! Anywho, after the market we stopped by the cutest coffee shop, Aromas. It's the perfect girl hangout spot.

We chatted for almost three hours. 
It was like Chicken Soup for the Soul, Med School Spouse edition.  
And I enjoyed each and every conversation. It's so nice getting to know the other wives. And the older ones are so helpful! I'm sometimes the only "M1" wife around and I learn so much from them. Everything from the different medical school terms, to the best grocery stores in Omaha and which dentist to go to- they fill me in. I always leave feeling educated about my surroundings.

Later that night we went to another med school couples house for dinner. There were about five couples in attendance (all M1s) and they were so welcoming to Zak and I! We were kinda the newbies. It was really fun being around the different couples. We're all going through the same thing right now, and it's nice to be around people who truly understand your crazy lifestyle.

After dinner the boys headed back to school to study some more {I told you they have a HUGE exam tomorrow so no messing around this weekend}. I stayed with the other wives and hung out the rest of the night. It was so much fun! I swear I've met so many new people within the last month or so and they've all been so sweet and welcoming. 

The last four years I've been surrounded by girls {I'm in a sorority} so girl time was almost all the time. I mean I lived with 28 of them for almost two years! So when I get to have some girl time in Omaha, it's awesome. And I really enjoy it. 

Today's been way more relaxed, but still just as good. Zak is studying away. I'm so proud of him. I honestly don't know how he does it. I would go nuts! It's SO MUCH information. And it's SO MUCH work. It takes a special person to be a doctor, I tell yah. I on the other hand have been having a little movie marathon. Rough day, I know. Argo and X Men have been my choices thus far. P.S.S if you haven't watched Argo, you need to ASAP. It's such a great film. 
Certainly one of my favorites.

I think I'm going to make low fat baked ziti for dinner. Have I mentioned I'm starting to be quite the cook in the kitchen? I want to do a post about some recipes we've enjoyed. Another time another day, I suppose. 

Well I hope you {whoever reads this bundle of emotions I call a blog} weekend and a blessed Sunday!


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