birthday girl.

Another year has come and past. I'm twenty three now!


It was an awesome day. Zak out did himself really. He always tells me his goal in life is to make me happy, and that he does. 

First I should warn you that he is a the king of surprises. He always has something pulled up his sleeve. I never try and guess. I love waiting to see what he has planned each time. 

When I woke up yesterday I was greeted with a smile and a kiss and led out to our living room which was adorned in pink and mint streamers, balloons and banners. His decorating skills are the cutest, I swear. 

He had me open some of the presents, I snagged three adorable white owl vases and a couple cute blouses. Then he pulled out the fruitiest birthday cake I had ever seen. 
Side note: Whole Foods has the best cakes! 
Anyways, that sucker was gone within the hour. No mercy.

After we finished eating cake for breakfast, I turned around and saw one more present sitting on the table with a big teal bow on it. I started to rip off the wrapping paper and saw the words "MacBook Pro."

I literally could not believe it. 
Honestly, I backed away from it and kept asking if it were real about five times. 
Seriously he's the best. 
I don't even know what to say. 
A new laptop.


After present opening, Zak headed off to take a quiz and I got ready for our day date plans. We went to our local iPic theater to see "We're the Millers" and then headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant Roja's for some good ole chips and salsa. If you can't tell by reading this blog, chips and salsa aka Mexican food is one of our favorite types of food. 
We eat it any chance we get.

Afterwards we headed home, I blew out my candles and made a wish! We had already eaten my cake, so we made do with a fudge bar to hold the candles. It was a mighty fine substitute if you ask me. 

I also had a Skype session with my family too. 
It was more like a cry fest actually. 
I don't know if we're just an emotional family or what, but the tears were flowing! 
We just miss them so much. But it was so nice being able to see everyone, including my pup Romie! 

Oh and I can't forget about the snail mail! And a package from my pops. 
One fun thing about living out of state is getting things in mail, it's always fun and never gets old. 
Zak's side of the family is just too sweet to me. All of his grandmas sent me birthday cards, including his great grandma. I mean, how cute it that? I hope I remember all of my grandkids birthdays when I'm in my nineties too. 

We finished the night ending book five of the Harry Potter series. That's right, we're HP nerds. And read together. Well it's more like Zak reads to me. We have our own little book club. 
I love it. And every time we finish a book we treat ourselves by watching {and critiquing} the movie. So we got all of our pillows and blankets and had a little slumber party in the living room as we watched Order of the Phoenix.

Perfect way to end my birthday. 

A HUGE thank you to my husband. You always seem to amaze me. And I am one lucky lady to have you for all eternity! I also need to start gearing up for your birthday now, you certainly set the bar high.

And to our family & friends. It was really nice {especially being away from AZ} to get all of the well wishes, text messages, phone calls and cards. I was feeling extra loved.

Thank you!


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