wish list.

So my birthday is right around the corner. And I'm trying to think really hard about what I want. My parents have already asked me a few times, and I want to be prepared the next time the birthday topic comes up. So i've decided to make a little list. 

**cough cough, in case Zakary decides to read this post there will be links included for each potential present, cough cough**

1. A dinner out with my honey.  Hmm maybe somewhere romantic, possibly a rooftop dinner in Old Market

2. Plane tickets home. Thankfully my parents brought this one up!

3. Anthropologie candle. I mean, they smell like heaven and last 50 years. How could you go wrong with one of those puppies?

4. A Skype date with my entire family, including Romie {my doggie}! Yep, everyone. Mom, pop, Ericka and the kiddos. It's been entirely too long since I've seen their faces. I miss them so much. 

5. Dessert with my hubby so we can of course share a banana split {that's kinda our favorite thing to do} and blow out a candle or two.

6. An entryway bench. You know I'm a married woman when I ask for furniture for my birthday. This one is cute {and matches our office chair} and this one is adorable too {in white maybe?}.

7. Flowers. What girls doesn't adore flowers?

8. Maybe one or two of these prints for our frame wall? I seriously love them all. I really can't decide which ones are my favorite, I could take them all. 

9. I'm still thinking.. 

10. ...A new laptop... Wait what? Who said that? Kidding! 

11. A white owl vase. Weird, I know. But I'm an animal lover and these little guys are too cute around the house. Zakary if you're reading this we found them at the Nebraska like Ikea place we went into a few weeks ago. Hint hint. 

12. Final Cut Pro? But wait, that isn't compatible with my MacBook anymore. Seems I would need a new laptop for this program... kidding again! 

13. A job. Depressing. I'm kidding again. But hey it would be kinda nice I suppose. 

14. A med school student hubby who gets an A+++ on his quiz, that happens to be on the same day. 

15. I don't know still.  

I'm sure I'll update/change this list a million times as the days draw nearer. And by the way these are all not expected {obviously} by any means! Just some ideas. 


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