Where to begin?! I think it's safe to say that Zak and I have a love/hate relationship with this city. We love the buildings, the architecture, the historic neighborhoods, the weather {for now.. we'll talk again when it starts snowing}, Creighton, the farmers markets that seem to pop up everywhere, and Old Market. We hate roads that change directions depending on the time of day, no left hand turns and one way streets. So maybe we just don't like driving here? I guess that's not too bad.  

But anywho, it's our third week here and we're starting to get into the swing of things. It's been a little challenging getting settled in, I don't think we'll be 100% comfortable for a couple months. Who knew moving out of state comes with so much baggage? From address changes, to insurance trips and finding a new grocery store, it certainly takes a lot of time getting back to normality. 

My parents were here the first week and thank heavens for that! They helped us move in and get things unpacked and organized, which was a huge help, since Zak hit the ground running with school when we got into town. So being able to hangout with my parents was really nice. And anyone who knows my mom knows that she's an interior design expert, so we were lucky to have her here to make our apartment feel like home. 

Ah so I can't really write to much more about my parents being here or else I'll start getting home sick.. so lets just say, saying goodbye to them (and the rest of my family and Romie) was one of the saddest things I've ever done {and I think Zak can second that}. I was such a mess at the airport and we cannot wait until we can see them all again. I have such a close relationship with both of my parents. They're my best friends. And I'm truly grateful for that. I'm also extremely thankful for the relationship Zak has with my family as well. He has a remarkable bond with my niece and nephew that's incredible. We both can't think about being far from them or else we'll get bummed. Kids grow up so fast and it breaks our hearts not to be near them each day. So I'm done writing about family. Too hard.

And in other news, we've been making some new friends here, yipee! We're in the "Married 2 Medicine" club aka the cool kids club and we've met some pretty rad couples. Ps it's nothing like that horrid reality show Married to Medicine. It's really nice meeting other people who are in the boat as you. And it's even nicer going to the little weekly events, they're honestly my lifelines to the social world. And so far from the bbq's, happy hours and girls night out to the ice cream shop they've been pretty fun. And one more thing- I might be advising (crossing my fingers) the Creighton Alpha Phi chapter, which I would ADORE doing. So hopefully I'll be writing about that soon. So I guess that's our update on finding friends?

Oh yeah, and with moving I learned the camera gets lost in all the chaos. So here are a few iPhone pics that I managed to snap. Warning: they're super random.

welcome to the midwest! 

Our first night in Omaha. 

This is a high school. Can you believe it?

This is our community garden. The big muddy garden. 

We go to Target about every other day. It's the only store we're used to here!

The historic homes blow my mind.

This beauty is up the street from our building, and I just love driving by it. 

Zak's white coat ceremony- I'm so proud of my future doctor!

Off to my first 'married 2 medicine' girls night outing. 

Like I said above, we love the farmers markets here. 

So last weekend we went berry picking. We're officially midwesterners. 

My first dinner. Proud moment right there. 

Just being Nebraskan's. 

The tree-lined cobble stone streets are just lovely. 

So that's a little peek into our life! Really random pictures, right? I hope to take some photos of our apartment soon, we're kind-of-almost-somewhat-close-to-being-done decorating. 

And one more thing I have to admit. As hard as it is being away from our family and friends- living with your best friend is the best thing ever. And being married is the greatest thing ever. From late night Netflix marathons, to making the fire alarm sound from burning dinner in the kitchen and being able to snuggle at night, it's really all we've ever hoped for and more. I didn't think it would be possible, but we just keep falling in love more and more each day. Sorry if that was a little too lovey dovey for yah- we're newlyweds what can I say!


Mr. & Mrs. H.


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