it's official.

I finally went to the social security office and changed my last name. Whoo hoo! I know, its taken a while, but like I said it has been an insane couple of months since the wedding.  I opted to wait until we moved so now I can get a Nebraska license with my new last name.  

it's official.

Oh and if you were wondering, our dinner with Gatsby last night was great. I seriously adore that movie. It's such a powerful love story, a sad and powerful love story. Here are my top 3 favorite parts:

1. When Gatsby sees Daisy for the first time at tea. All the beautiful flowers bundled up in that quaint little cottage made for the perfect background for their reunion. I could never imagine going so long without the love of my life. You can see how emotional it is on Gatsby's face- that's my absolute favorite part. Almost makes me teary eyed every time. 

2. When he shows her his house. I love how he made everything with her in mind. Everything was for her. The rot iron gates, the luxurious gardens and the amazing beach. When they go swimming and film themselves, isn't that the cutest? And then when she says, " I wish I would have done everything on earth with you." How adorable really. 

3. The music. All of if was amazing. From the mixups and remakes, I enjoyed it all. Such a phenomenal soundtrack. 

Anywho, hope your hump day is going well! 


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  1. who is your dress designer? I am absolutely in love with your dress and would love to know where or who makes it as I am getting married next year! Your wedding was gorgeous! Thank you :]