Well now that the wedding is over, I can finally post all of our bridal photos! Zakary and I chose the more untraditional route and decided on a first look before our actual wedding day. At first our moms were both a little saddened that we were going to see each other dressed before the actual ceremony, but I insured them both that it would still be special and very memorable- and boy was I right. If any brides out there are deciding on a first look let me tell you why I think it is a total must. 

1. It's intimate, and when captured on film beautiful.
2. It saves you a TON of time on your actual wedding day. You don't have to worry about getting a bunch of bridal shots with your husband (you can still get some) and focus more on family and bridal party pictures during that time instead. And trust me, those suckers can take up to an hour, especially with a big family.
3. It's weather proof! If it rains on your big day you don't have to worry about capturing those special moments in the mud- since they'll already finished. 
4. You can be creative with your location for your bridals/first look. You can make them one of a kind and unique by choosing a special place, only the two of you will have photos at.
5. And lastly, you can still have that special moment (the one where he sees you for the very first time) on your wedding day. Zak and I chose not to see each other until I was walking down the aisle and it was still so special and very memorable.

We opted to have our bridals up north somewhere near Flagstaff. We honestly don't know where it was, we just saw these beautiful green trees from the freeway and took the first exit we could to find them. It was an overgrown creek next to a bunch of fields that were lined with lime green leaved trees- it was gorgeous, to say the least. 


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