med school & moving.

So I thought we had a lot going on while I wrote my last post, but goodness, was I wrong. 

Last week Zakary opened an email that literally changed our lives. He was accepted into Creighton University, School of Medicine. It was the best news, ever. We literally could not stop smiling and didn't know what to do with ourselves. 

I'm not lying, nor exaggerating when I say that Zakary is the smartest person I know, and has the biggest heart. He is going to make a phenomenal doctor. His passion to help others and pursue the medical field is outstanding, and he's doing this simply because he wants to help others. Few times you hear the word "doctor" and assume monetary thoughts, but Zakary would do it for free if he could. Congratulations future Dr. H., you're going to do amazing things.

So now, with all the giddy-ness outta the way, we are packing, planning and scheduling our move at the end of July. We'll be living in Mid Town, Omaha which is in the downtown district, right next to campus. We always wanted to try urban city living, and who knew Nebraska would give us that opportunity? I surely didn't. 

This past week has certainly been a world wind, to say the least. But now that we know we are relocating we've already packed up most of our belongings, so we can hopefully spend our last month in AZ enjoying the 115 degree weather {sarcastic}, but most importantly spend quality time with our family and friends. 

I can't lie, I know that I will miss Arizona like crazy. I'll be a cry baby when I leave my family.. I'll have painful BoSa withdrawals.. and crave Pita Jungle dates with my best friends.. and yearn for a good ole Harkin's movie Theatre.. okay I'm done listing {because it will go on and on}.
But seriously, all jokes aside, this is such a blessing. We've been waiting for this opportunity, and it's finally here! We can't wait to settle down in our very own home and start this next chapter of our lives together. See you in 29 days, Omaha! 

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