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Only two months, fifteen days, twelve hours and forty-one minutes till we tie the knot (thank you iPhone countdown)! Time is flying by. And don't get me wrong I CANNOT wait for June 1st- it's literally *all* that is on my mind nowadays. But if time wants to slow down just a little bit, that is fine by me, because when it comes to actually planning the wedding.. time is what we need. Planning a wedding is a full time job, and with both of us being full time students it can be a little difficult squeezing in dress fittings, cake tastings, florist meetings, registries and bridesmaid dress shopping {to name a few things}- but we are making it work. And somehow it's working out quite perfectly. We have tremendous help from our families and friends (my mom is pretty much our wedding planner and my sister has taken loads off of my shoulders). I can't thank them enough for all that they have done for us, especially this past week! Thanks to our lovely vacation time we were able check lots off of our "to-do list" {hooray} and it's in large part thanks to them. 

But now that Spring Break is coming to an end {boo}, school will start to take priority and planning will turn into to late night phone calls and emails in between classes.  And soon you'll see me walking around campus scrolling through Pinterest and ordering goodies from Etsy {side note: two websites no bride should live without}. Thankfully we almost have all of our vendors chosen. I know I know, by now those should have been totally set in stone, however we have run into some bumps along the way with certain vendors {cough cough florists} that has slowed down our process, but by next week we should be good to go... hopefully.

As time dwindles down, there are so many things taking place that we are both very excited for {love story shoot, bridals, bridal shower, graduation, bachelor/bachelorette parties and honeymoon planning}! It's all right around the corner. And I just want to soak it all in and really enjoy it with Zakary. At the end of the day this entire process isn't about a big fancy wedding.. it's about marrying the man of my dreams. Therefore, my goal is to be in the moment throughout everything, because it will all only happen once.

So with that said, the next few months should bring lots more blog posts but in the mean time here are a few more engagement photos I adore.  

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