save the date.

Why hello there!

 I know know, from the looks of our empty blog one could assume that planning for the big day has come to a hault. However, I'm here to report that we have {miraculously} been able to squeeze in time to go to tastings, book vendors and visit venues. With senior year here and in full swing, Zakary and I are both channeling in on our passions, which we’ve been anxiously waiting for. His medicine, mine broadcast. With internships and med school applications, finals and midterms, deadlines and thesis writing the two of us are racing to the finish line- and we cannot wait to graduate. So then you add in planning a wedding and wa-laa you have total chaos. But good chaos, don't get me wrong- I wouldn't have any other way!

 I'm not going to lie, it's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me.. I swear I get attached to every photographer, decorator or idea that pops into my head and when reality hits and we have to make some decisions I tend to get a bit upset. But thankfully that's where Zak and my mom step into the picture and talk me through my slight snap decisions and reassure me that our wedding will be perfect, and just how I imagined it to be. We're very lucky to be surrounded by love and support {and help} from our delightful friends and family.. without them this wedding planning business would be a whole lot harder.  Okay I'm finished with my sappy wedding planning stories, onto the fun fluffy stuff!

I'm very pleased to announce that we have set a date at our dream venue! I can't even start to count how many locations we looked at. There was always my favorite one, it went perfectly with my vision, but in the back of my head I knew was too expensive and just wasn't going to workout. But somehow someway my amazing mother pulled through and we were able to book 
Stonebridge Manor on June First twenty thirteen. 

{save the dates are to come}

In other big news I asked nine {yes that's right, I said nine} amazing women who are truly dear to my heart, each in their own way to be my bridesmaids. We have a little get together planned at the end of next month, and I cannot wait! I am very blessed to have them in my life. And thrilled to have them standing by my side on the best day of my life.

{I sent these gems to each gal pal}
And one last exciting detail.. drum roll please! I FOUND MY WEDDING DRESS! Yep that's right, I found my dream dress at this amazing boutique in Scottsdale called Mariee. I always heard that your dress finds you, you don't find it and boy is that spot on. My mom found it hanging on the rack and suggested I try it on. I didn't think much of it at first glance, but then once I put it on, laced it up and twirled around in front of the mirror we all knew. When you try on your dress you'll know it's the one- and after trying on dozens of beauties I found the one. 

{side note: dress not pictured, it's a surprise}

So in my spare time {if I manage to find some} you'll catch me scrolling through Pinterest, reading bridal blogs and looking over to-die-for wedding blogs trying to get inspiration for my wedding day. I don't really know the exact "theme" per say of how the big day will be.. but I do have "buzz words" {my Southern Weddings planner told me I needed these?} to describe how I visualize the day's events. So without further adieu, here they are: classic, American, vintage {slight}, blush pastels, greenery, backyard formal and whimsical. Okay, so when reading these aloud them seem a little all-over the place, and random, but I swear they'll come together. Here's my little look-book to get a better understanding. Enjoy!

I'm very excited to be blogging again. It makes me really sad when I don't find time to do so, since writing it a large {very large} part of journalism. I truly love writing, telling stories and having them come to life through videos and photographs. My goal is to devote some time to my own personal stories like I do at school, and with my internship.. and share them here.
Being engaged is a very special time in our relationship. We both cannot wait for our wedding day, and are beyond excited to be husband and wife. But, I keep telling myself, that I just need {as I peak at my little countdown of only seven months-two days-twelve hours and five minutes left}to be grateful to have found the love of my life, be thankful for each day of our engagement and to not get too swept up in the wedding plans.. I need to just simply enjoy our engagement. 


  1. Who is the designer of your wedding dress? I saw it on Pinterest and fell in love! I've been searching high and low but no luck yet.

  2. @emilymazur thank you so much! I LOVED it! It's a Water Too Dress, and I custom made the straps and added on the bow. I found it at Mariee Bridal in Scottsdale, AZ- you should totally check them out! PS sorry for the late response, I just realized you commented on this post! Thanks so much for reading, hope you find the dress of your dreams! xoxo