the proposal.

It really happened... we're engaged! It still hasn't hit me, each time I say, "my fiance' " I can't help but to smile uncontrollably. Our whole weekend was a fairy tale, and each time I look back on it I still can't believe how everything fell perfectly into place. Zak is amazing, and I am beyond grateful be spending the rest of my life with such a wonderful man. 

So without further adieu, this is how the best day of my entire life went. Last weekend, Zakary surprised me with a trip to Catalina Island, it was a little getaway before both of our summer jobs started. Each day we planned out our activities, however on Sunday he told me he had a change in plans, and that he wanted to take me out to a surprise dinner. He asked that I put on my favorite dress, but to hold on the heels because he wanted to show me something before we ate, and it consisted of a good walk up a hill- so heels were out of the question.

As the sun began to set we walked up a winding road to the edge of a mountain that overlooked the entire harbor and city on one side, and the endless ocean on the other. It was absolutely breathtaking. We followed a little path that lead to the peak, where a huge tree was hanging over the edge with a swing dangling from its branches. There was another couple admiring the view, and Zak just asked that I ignore them, since they were probably just tourists too. 

We stood there for a second, taking in the sunset and that's when he turned to me and asked if I loved him. I of course replied with a lingering yes.. and that's when he got down on his knee, pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him. I was in shock. I just kept saying, "oh my gosh this isn't happening" (over and over again) and then finally he stood up and said, "Sidney just say yes!" I just kept smiling and yelped, "yes, of course!" He slid the ring over my finger, picked me up and we couldn't stop kissing. It was a dream come true, and I couldn't believe it was finally happening. 

Then, low and behold I found out that the "tourists" were actually photographers that he had hired to take pictures of the whole entire thing! They captured each moment of the proposal- we cannot wait to see them. We then had a little engagements photo shoot all along the mountaintop, as the sun glistened against the ocean. We'll hopefully, have those pictures in a couple weeks!

After the photo session, we went back to the beach, where we shared a banana split on the boardwalk to celebrate while we called our parents, (who were at my moms house having a dinner to celebrate the engagement and waiting anxiously by the phone). My dad was choking up and they were all so excited! After sharing the news went and had a wonderful dinner on the water. Once we got back to our little beach house he surprised me with the bible of all wedding books, Southern Living Wedding Edition, planner and keepsake book so I could finally stop pinning all my darn ideas and turn them into a reality!

The next morning he took me back up the mountain to the Wrigley Manor (the founders of the island) for breakfast, and it was actually apart of the spot where he had proposed the night before. We spent the rest of our day calling friends and family to tell them of our wonderful news from our little proposal spot overlooking the island.

Again Zakary planned such a wonderful weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited to marry the man of my dreams. 

banana split on the boardwalk. 

dinner on the water.
And the ring.. :) 

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